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Crypto for You and Me

This page is for anyone who wants to join me on this journey. Right now (2021) it feels very much like the Wild West. There is much to be gained and many pitfalls; that’s what I am here for to guide you through to success. If you decide to take up any of my affiliate links I will happily help you progress through messages and chat.

** Please Note. I WILL NEVER ask you for passwords and private keys **

Blockfi loans


High Interest Crypto account. A nice feature is that you can get your interest in Bitcoin or another currency of your choice. Stick your name on the waiting list for a cashback crypto oriented physical card. Finding it a useful place to stash crypto I am not using much. My link below gives you 10% off trading fees.

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BlockFi account referral : https://blockfi.com/?ref=3fe1771a

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Card referral : https://blockfi.com/credit-card-waitlist/?r=asa37


Industry leader in cold storage. Don’t buy Ledgers anywhere but directly from ledger because they may have been tampered with.

Ledger referral : https://shop.ledger.com/?r=3faa3029e3be

Anyone for some Bitcoin with your coffee ?

If you suddenly get an irresistible need to buy me a beer or a coffee my Btc address is below. I am not tight I may buy you one sometime so email me with your Wallet address 🙂

My Btc address : bc1qn5h68vvtwfdr0c5ve5hfkkgx9lxlepe9fd0h5y